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  • NP-101 demonstrated significant immunostimulatory effects in the 2021 clinical study
  • Lead asset in development as an adjunct therapy to cancer immunotherapy
  • Basket trials of 4 cancer types planned at case western university


  • Our Advisory Board includes international experts and pharma executives
  • Renewed team leading the development and clinical investigations


Novatek Pharmaceuticals is a company with a renowned team leading clinical investigations focused on development of immunomodulatory drugs related to cancers and infectious diseases. Empowering naturally derived immunotherapy that is effective across various cancer types, with the goal of effectively boosting the immune system and T cell population in patients while reducing the adverse effects of disease or cytotoxic therapies.

Our Facts

* Patients had significantly higher lymphocytic blood cell count "effector immune cells" after treatment with NP-101 compared to the placebo group

  • Preliminary clinical study results indicate that NP-101 is safe and tolerable.
  • Large randomized phase ||-B (308 patients) clinical trial in outpatients COVID-19 is actively accruing.

* 4 oncology trials in the pipeline for 2023

Novatek Pitch Deck Presentation

Other Facts

Black Seeds is the main bioactive component in NP-101 that has a broad spectrum of therapeutic applications

Patent for COVID-19 treatment indication Pending

NP-101 sows promise as an immune-oncology drug across different cancer types

It has been studied as a hepatoprotective, anti-mutagenic, and antitumor therapy with a specific mechanism of action that lends NP-101 as an emerging pharmaceutical

Oncology trial of high-grade neuroendocrine cancers is actively accruing

The global market of oncology drug is over $ 182 B with an expected growth rate of 11.3% in the US alone

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